Freelance PPC Consultant

I’m Jonny, a freelance PPC consultant. I help businesses grow with results driven PPC campaigns.

I work with businesses across the UK as a PPC consultant delivering ROI driven PPC performance, in a more cost-effective way.

Target your ideal customers with a paid search campaign

With the correct management and optimisation paid search campaigns can deliver huge ROI for your business. Find the sweet spot and you can enjoy rapid rewards – get it wrong and you’ll feel like you’re flushing money down the drain.

The good news is that you don’t need a bottomless budget to smash your marketing goals. As a PPC consultant I’ve been helping clients to generate a positive return on their ad spend for over five years, handling pay-per-click (PPC) budgets from £1,000 to £100,000 per month and delivering the kind of results that drive real business growth. If you want to build an effective PPC campaign without paying eye-watering agency rates, I can help.

I honed my PPC skills in-house for a company in the business sales market where I grew the spend from £500 per month to £50,000 per month. This campaign delivered fantastic ROI for the business – contributing to a huge growth in revenue and employees (from 12 to 60) to service the leads.

We (at Swan) have been using Jonny for the past 2 years and he has been a delight to work with over that time. He has advised us on several topics during our time working together and more importantly, we have seen our revenue increase significantly, due to the leads generated from Jonny’s PPC campaign. He really is an expert in his field and I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking to launch a new PPC campaign!


While organic traffic is the holy grail of Google’s search engine proposition, it can feel just as unattainable for most businesses and moving up the rankings can be a slower play.

Which is why pay-per-click has a well-deserved place in every digital marketing strategy. A paid search campaign will enable you to attract immediate qualified visitors to your website and have more control over a source of revenue.

How my freelance PPC consultant services can help your business

I deliver top level agency performance in a more cost-effective way. My passion is delivering leads, sales, increased revenue and positive ROI for my clients from PPC channels.

As your PPC consultant I take a root and branch approach to PPC management that involves optimising ad accounts, messaging and landing pages to ensure that I drive the highest returns possible from your spend. In summary here is I can help your business grow:

  • Increase your sales or leads – I have extensive experience of delivering profitable lead generation campaigns in a wide range of industries from financial services to car tracking and security.
  • Create a comprehensive PPC strategy – I focus on creating a PPC strategy that is tailored to your goals and budget to drive maximum ROI.
  • Craft your company’s PPC messaging – Following in-depth analysis of your market and your company’s offering, I create paid media messaging that cuts through the noise and drives qualified traffic to your website.
  • Drive more ROI from your landing pages with conversion rate optimisation – For many PPC clients the implementation of conversion rate optimisation and thorough testing can deliver a huge increase in ROI. I have extensive conversation rate optimisation experience and a suite of tools readily available to drive this.

My PPC approach

I provide an open, honest and transparent service with. I’ll only recommend a PPC strategy if I think it will work for your business and I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver value every step of the way.

Naturally, each campaign will start with fully understanding your business. As a freelance PPC consultant I’ll spend time getting to know your business, your market and target audience. The more I learn about your business, the better the collaboration and the more powerful the results.

This approach will include:

  • Understanding your business
  • In-depth analysis of the market and competitors
  • Keyword research
  • Landing page conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Landing page creation where required
  • Creating PPC ad messaging
  • Day to day management of your PPC account
  • Detailed monthly report so that you can track progress and measure your return on investment

My PPC consultant services include

As a PPC consultant I provide a full range of Google Ads and PPC services offered by digital marketing and PPC agencies, from account creation and strategy, through to conversion rate optimisation.

  • New account builds
  • Monthly PPC management
  • Strategy creation
  • Account audits
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

My availability

I currently have capacity for 1 or 2 clients. If you’re looking to take your PPC to the next level then don’t hesitate to get in touch.