Hiring a Digital Agency Vs Using a Freelancer

So, you’ve decided to utilise the services of a PPC expert, but do you opt for a digital agency or a freelancer? In this handy guide, I focus on the pros and cons of both. Helping you make the right decision for your business, this piece is designed to answer any of your questions as well as giving you an insightful look into both the life of a freelance PPC consultant and the day-to-day happenings at a larger agency. Read on…

PPC and Hiring an Agency: Pros

A Larger Team

How big is your business? If yours is a huge national or multinational firm, it may be that one PPC professional simply won’t be enough for you. Perhaps you have a mountain of tasks which need completing, or maybe you simply need the expertise of a few different PPC gurus of varying skillsets. If that’s the case, a digital agency could be the best option for you.

While you can always use several freelance PPC consultants, you may find that this simply isn’t cost-effective. Plus, there’s much less admin involved with using just the one company.

A Multitude of Skillsets

Need a web designer or a copywriter, too? The agency you choose may be able to task some of its other employees to help you in other areas of the business. While this might not be a deal breaker to some, others will quickly see the benefits in getting one company to take care of several smaller projects.

PPC and Hiring an Agency: Cons

Disjointed Service

Often, businesses that work with agencies complain that the service can be a little disjointed. What we mean by that is that the work can be dished out dependant on which of the team’s PPC experts is available on any given day. This can fast prove frustrating; you may make headway with your project with a staff member, only for the work to later be assigned to someone else when said staff member is off ill. It can mean progress of your work is stilted, which isn’t ideal for anyone involved.

It’s More Expensive

Working with agencies can be costly. The reason? Overheads. Freelancers simply don’t have as many bills – such as the expense of an office building and team members’ wages. The price an agency charges may reflect this, whereas freelancers tend to be much more competitive.

PPC and Hiring a Freelancer: Pros

You’ll Enjoy a More Personal Service

While you may relish the chance to work alongside a larger group of people, as you would in an agency, we think nothing quite beats the personal service you’ll get from working with an individual. Work with me and when you pick up the phone to give me a call, you know it’ll be me at the other end. You won’t get a receptionist, neither will you be passed around the office from pillar to post.

All the Expertise – and More

The great thing about a lot of freelance PPC consultants – including me! – is this: we’ve worked at agencies before we branched out and set up our own business. That means we know how the ‘bigger boys’ work and we can offer the very same service at a fraction of the cost. The reason? Well, as we said before, no costly overheads.

PPC and Hiring a Freelancer: Cons

You May Have to Wait for the Work

As there tends to be just one of us, a freelancer might not be able to book you in at short notice like an agency can. But trust us when we say the wait will be more than worth it – and the work will be just as good. A smaller cost doesn’t mean poorer quality work, after all.

There’s No Account Manager

Some businesses like to know their account is being run by one person while the experts get on with the actual work. But extra bodies to handle the project means, yes you guessed it, a larger invoice. So, weigh up what’s important to you before selecting the right person (or people) for the job.

Ready to hear more about working with a freelance PPC consultant? Just get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss how we can collaborate.

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